I Froze My Fat and the Results | CoolScuplting at Clique Clinic (Pt 2)

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I Froze My Fat and the Results | CoolScuplting at Clique Clinic (Pt 2)

Couple months ago, I announced that I was freezing my fat (Check out the first post here). So, here is the low down on how my fat was frozen and the outcome. First let me explain, CoolSculpting Treatment at Clique Clinic was where I went to freeze my fat. Why freeze fat? Ever got a place or a bulge of your body part that you can’t seem to lose weight on? For me, it was the lower part of my tummy (Abdomen). 

So I did explain the pre consultation details at the previous blogpost. Go read there if you would like to know how would they examine you. So for mine, the CoolSculpting treatment focused on my tummy. I didn’t want to drag it, so I actually requested to do all of the treatment in a day instead of spreading it out. In total I think, I spent 6 hours at Clique Clinic. Don’t worry, Clique Clinic is equipped with Netflix, fast wifi, private room and ensuite bathroom during the treatment and also a comfortable reclining sofa. 

I reached Clique Clinic at 10:30am. The staff brought me upstairs to my room and I got a change of clothes. They then proceed to draw the markings on my tummy to indicate where to place the CoolSculpting applicators at. As you can see from the picture above, there was a lot of sessions I went through. Each session was around 35 minutes. To make it quicker, they used 3 machines simultaneously on me to make sure that they had targeted the fats surrounding my tummy in the shortest treatment time possible. 
The reason why I went for CoolSculpting, is because it is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment on targeted areas. It helps to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat without any surgery. Freezing the fat causes the body to remove the dead cells, which later naturally eliminate from your body. There are multiple applicators with different sizes to target the wanted area of the body. 
I think the clinic used all the different types of applicator on me. Applicator like CoolAdvantage Petite is used for flanks, inner thighs, or upper arms, while CoolCore Advantage is mainly for the bigger areas like tummy. FYI Clique Clinics is the only clinic in Malaysia that has a full-range and complete set of all CoolAdvantage applicators. The picture above is the applicator attached to my tummy. 
My personalized treatment plans 

During the process, the CoolSculpting specialist placed the applicators at the treatment areas where the fat bulges were tugged in, and then frozen. After 35 minutes, the staff immediately removed the applicators and massaged the treatment areas. Let me tell you, you might feel a bit of pain during this process. Reason for the massage is to make sure that your fat is broken down even more after the 35 minutes of freezing. My treatment areas were a bit swollen and sore after the treatments since I did everything in a day. But it didn’t affect my daily activities as I went back to work the next day itself.

During the treatment I was pampered with Netflix and a complimentary meal. 
After 3 months, I went back for a follow up and below are the before and after shots: 
My waist got smaller, the abdomen got smaller too and I got less back fat now. 
Before shot with the team (After my treatment) 
After 3 months – Follow up session with the team 

I’m really glad that I got a chance to experience CoolSculpting Treatment as my lower tummy had always been a problem and it was hard to lose it. Just know that the results might take from 1 to 3 months to show. Make sure not to over eat after your treatment and just do you normal routine. Overall this experience made me feel comfortable as the staff were friendly and explained all of my concerns and inquiries. Clique Clinic now have two branches! 

Clique Clinic PJ 
4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia. 012-230 7960 

Clique Clinic Bangsar 
6th floor, Boutique Office 3A-06-01, Menara 3A, 3, 
KL Eco City, Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 012-798 0879

Opening hours 10am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays 
Closed on public holidays 

For more info about CoolSculpting treatment, head over to Clique Clinic 

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