Future Travel Plan: Singapore, Sentosa Island

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Future Travel Plan: Singapore, Sentosa Island

It's been 350 days since I have been working from home. Literally, my best colleague now is my ceiling fan and my everyday view is my living room. Can't believe that a year flew by so quickly due to this pandemic lockdown.

I don't know how I manage to stay sane for so long. But in all honesty I can't wait for THIS to be over and to be able to just go out into the world and travel like we used to. I miss planning for a getaway, getting foreign currency from the money changer, budgeting, choosing which place to visit, going to an airport, sitting on the plane and immersing myself with the beauty of my destination.

I still have 7 months and 20 days left to my wedding date. We haven't chose a honeymoon destination yet. There's just too many to go to. I was just thinking, instead of going far away when the boarders are open to travel, why not go somewhere close by?

I guess, the inner planner in me is just ready to head over to some place different, and I thought why not do a list of places I wanna visit for each country? It can be my future travel plan guide for future Jess. So far, I've been to Singapore twice but didn't get a chance to explore Sentosa Island. Here's a to-do list of what I would do if I have 2 days in Singapore Sentosa.

Day 1

1. Universal Studios

I've been to the one in Japan but haven't check out Singapore's one. Plus I'm curious to check out the Minion attraction there. The last rollercoaster ride I sat on was back in 2018. Obviously, that would be a full day activity.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

2. S.E.A Aquarium

Mesmerizing. I've seen this place over and over again in my Insta feed and I just can't wait to see it with my own eyes. I bet I will be singing under the sea once I step into the Aquarium. 

Photo Credits: Resorts World Sentosa Facebook Page

3. Ocean Restaurant 

After sightseeing at the aquarium, it's time for dinner! One of my friend recently celebrated her wedding anniversary there and didn't know there was a restaurant like that until she posted it on Instagram. Would love to dine there with my fiancé one day. Such a romantic setting.

Photo Credits: DancingBacons

Day 2

1. Fort Siloso Skywalk

Good place to head to in the morning to enjoy the view. Fort Siloso Skywalk is 43 metres tall tower and have a viewing platform section which is glass bottom.

Photo Credits: Sentosa

2. Siloso Beach

Since it's near the first destination, might as well enjoy the sand and grab lunch there. This beach is quite happening and there are quite a few bar and restaurant around. If you are looking for a family beach setting, do check out Palawan Beach.

Photo Credits: Rumours Beach Club

3. Quayside Isle

Wind down with a chill afternoon enjoying your coffee or tea at one of many Quayside Isle restaurants. When you're here it feels like you been transported to Europe. Lots of cafes and fancy restaurant to explore.

    Sabio by the Sea Facebook

While reading about all these places, it feels like I'm already there. Can't wait to actually travel there with my love ones. All that is missing from this post is which hotel to stay in when I'm in Singapore. I'll leave it to my fiancé to choose which Sentosa Hotel we'll stay in. 

Hope this helps who ever that is planning to have staycation Singapore

Stay Safe & Take Care!


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